How to be Quentin Tarantino

How to be Quentin Tarantino
by Safter (Grade 7)

Be a man of imagination.
Tell the (frustrating, dark, scary) story differently.
Love themes like hatred and revenge.
Adore swords and violence.
Worship Uma Thurman since she acted in your first movie.
In your movies decapitate, decapitate, decapitate!
Kill your favourite character.
At the end of the film, make the audience say “What?”
Force them to cry at the end of the violence.
You will never be like him but give it a try.

My grade 7 class just got back their “How To” poems… for the second time. Some of the kids missed the “how to write a how to poem” boat and I wanted to give them an opportunity to get it right… and to dazzle their peers (and me) in the process. I love this kid’s poem and he has given me his blessing to share it with my blog friends.

You should also know that one year ago Safter did not speak any English.

Cool, eh?

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