45 before 45

The clock is ticking and I am headed – headlong – into my 40th birthday in March… although, as my dad would be only too happy to point out, this aging business is a damned sight better than the alternative.

I’ll give him that.

So, in preparation for my big birthdays (every 5 years or so… 30, 35, 40, 45) I have been writing these BIG lists of BIG things to do. I create a list of things I’d like to do with my life, in my life, and for my life. This is not a list of New Year’s Resolutions… I don’t record items like “must do pilates” (I don’t even know what pilates is/are). This is not a “how to fix my life” list. Rather, this is a “how to LIVE my life” list. It is my intention to create a wish-list, a dream-list, of all the amazing and astonishing things I’d like to see, do and become. I made my most recent list at age 35 (it is called “40 before 40”) and I have actually accomplished 17 of those goals… and we are travelling to Italy for Christmas so that’s number 18. Going back to a list that was generated five years ago in Monterrey, and reflecting on the way my life has unfolded in that time, has been both exciting and gratifying for me.

I take no credit for this most excellent idea… it is CJ’s.

I am currently working on my new life list: “45 before 45″… I have kept some of the items from “40 before 40” and have abandoned others goals that are no longer relevant or interesting to me. On this new list there will be more European travel goals and more goals about slowing down… eating the peach. You know.

I recommend the birthday list… whether your next birthday will be number 35 or number 65!

A final note about goals…
Experts claim that people who record their goals are more successful in attaining them than those who do not. Of course, I’m not sure if this is true or not… but I think it’s definitely worth a shot. I like this set of goal-setting guidelines I found recently on mygoals.com:

Traditional goal-setting wisdom has taught us that a good goal must be:
a) written
b) challenging
c) believable
d) specific
e) measurable
f) have a specific deadline.

For more information about goal setting, check out:

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