On Blogging

So the only way, I think, not to get too freaked out about blogging every week (or so) is to not think about it too much.

For example, it occurs to me that if a person really stopped to consider:
1) that she is posting something that a few people will actually read
2) that in the few minutes those people are reading her words, they are not doing anything else and so those minutes are lost to them forever she might get a bit FREAKED out and not ever blog again…
So we are definitely not having any more of those thoughts. Just write every week. (Or so).

Last night at dinner (great night with new friends… great meal cooked by chef DP), our Principal-friend was telling us that his friends from home had encouraged him to start a blog when he moved to BCN. He explained that he had a really hard time with the idea at first because it felt so narcissistic. Like “Me… me… this is all about me and my life…” We laughed hard because it’s so true. But now he is blogging and so am I… and soon I will learn how to upload my photos and that will be like Christmas morning for me. To be clear, I know that I am becoming a technology junkie and that soon I will not be able to breathe or say anything even remotely clever without digital assistance.

Welcome to the blogosphere, folks.

Then I had the great idea to make a playlist of songs for our dinner party last night. That idea occurred to me around 5:00 p.m. which was perfectly logical since our friends were arriving at 6:30 p.m. and I was still in my pajamas. (Okay… I am almost always in my pajamas). I connected my i-pod to my computer and sat down for this wee task… I thought it would take 10, maybe 15, minutes TOPS. And then it all got away from me… I just kept choosing one great song after another and then DP said (it seemed, to me, that he was speaking across a great distance except that nothing in our apartment is EVER a great distance away), “I am not saying that you need to change out of your pajamas right now… but maybe you should start thinking about it soon…” 50 songs later, I had a great playlist and my hair was still wet when our French-teacher-friend arrived. This is how it starts, isn’t it? (This is a question for Jay). Is this how my technology-addiction starts?

Are there 12 step programs for what’s happening to me? If drunks have to get dry, I think I may need to be “unplugged.”

Really, I’m sure that I’ll be fine.

In the real world in which I live, in a city called Barcelona (which may or may not be in Spain but that’s a blog for another day) it was 21 degrees today. It was warm and sunny on the third floor of our school as I delivered the bad news to my grade 7 students… told them, in a quiet voice, that their “how-to” poems were not very instructive (which, really, is the point of a “how-to” poem) and that they would all need to rewrite them. “Rewrite them?” they asked uncertainly… as if I had just begun speaking yet another language they don’t understand. Yes. We are going to rewrite them.

The instructions were:
1) Research a topic you really like (anything… sunflowers, marsupials, motorcycles)
2) Choose 6 to 10 interesting and intriguing facts about that topic
3) Take those facts and create a poem (that does not have to rhyme) with these ideas… making sure to start each line with a verb “do this” or “don’t do this.”

At the time, I believed that my instructions (repeated 6 times) were crystal clear but it seems that they were not. So the students are reworking their poems for tomorrow.

My favourite poem so far is “How to be Quentin Tarantino.” The student didn’t spell Quentin correctly and the whole “how to” part seems to have escaped him but otherwise it was a good poem. Very funny. And he did spell Uma Thurman correctly so that’s got to be worth half a mark.

Teaching is a very good thing to do with some of your life… maybe not as good as blogging but a close second. Damned close.

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