It’s already late Sunday morning in Barcelona… although exactly what time it is right now will depend on who you ask. At school, a few days ago, I received a reminder that we would “fall back” on Saturday night in keeping with daylight savings time. My two and a half months in Barcelona is more than enough time for me to know that this development will wreak havoc in people’s daily lives for several days. “Falling back” puts a whole new twist on Spanish time.

It’s interesting to live in a northern city in a country widely known for its slow pace of life. This is the second time we have done it… Monterrey, Mexico was also a northern city in a mañana culture. Both cities, in fact, pride themselves on their excellent work ethic and prosperity.

The street we live on is still fairly quiet… as it normally is on Sunday morning. Spaniards stay up VERY late (I honestly do not know how they manage it) and the weekend is a chance to bank up on some badly needed sleep.

Our Barcelona lives are very glamorous… DP (my partner) has just mopped the floor and I am about to dust. The best that can be said about our housecleaning duties here is that our apartment is very small.

We are having two teacher friends over for dinner tonight; this is our first real dinner party. DP has been experimenting with various fresh ingredients from local markets and vegetable stalls with glorious results and my favourite so far is the meal we are going to make tonight. He said it was okay if I shared the recipe with you.

Pollo de Gracia (Chicken of Grace)
1 chicken breast
1 cup of grated parmesan cheese
1 small zucchini (chopped in small cubes)
1 pear (chipped in small cubes)
3 sections of fresh garlic
1 loaf of Spanish “chapata familar” (loaf of bread like a baguette, but flatter)
Half an onion (chopped in small cubes)
Olive oil (to coat bottom of frying pan)

1) Slice the loaf of bread open and hollow it out. You will use the bread crumbs.
2) Season the chicken breast with seasoning salt and black pepper. Fry the chicken breast and cut it into cubes.
3) In frying pan, cook the garlic until golden, add zucchini, pear and onion cubes until the zucchini and onions soften up a bit.
4) Add bread crumbs and stir well.
5) Add chicken
6) Add cheese and mix well
7) Serve hot in the hollowed out loaf of bread, cut into portions
Serves 2 or 3.

You can thank DP. He’s the chef.

Hasta pronto. (See you soon).

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